Instructors / Trainers
           Welcomed and needed
                         GREAT LOCATION !!! 
Summer camps have always sold out... Generating new students each year.
 You'll be running your own show...     
Training, Selling, Schooling, Lessons,Summer /day camps                                                                             Etc, Etc,...           
                WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO . . .
  You'll need . . .
                - Gen Comp. Liability
              - Your own horses
               - Experience & References
               - Transportation
 This farm was started with the intent of offering a very functional facility for an instructor.  We take very good care of the facilities and the horses; offering what ever level of care the owner wants for their horse. Then the instructor/trainer can concentrate on the students, the
training, & the schooling. 
                                          Ideal for endurance and eventing!!! 
     You have a private barn w/ runs; separate from the boarding barns to operate the camps, and lessons out of . You even get a discount towards your board,- based on the number of lessons you do a month. Plus discounted board based on number of horses boarding here because of you . And a per horse comission . I make it as easy , for you , as I can .
                                   Lodging available.                      

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